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What you need is not only information, but also the exercise and actions that can tame it for you.

In this series of educational articles, we will learn how to use our brain abilities more. Here, some exercises for increasing the speed of reading and enhancing the field of view will be introduced, and we will learn how to read various books with a higher speed.

These tutorials are not only for school and university students, everyone in every position and profession needs to learn the skills to change his life. This will not be achieved, except by learning continuously and acquiring speed reading skills.

The greatest benefits of these tutorials are the positive impact they have on the studying process and the increase in the reading speed for each individual. Of course, learning the speed reading skill would have positive influences on other aspects of life too, such as giving you more confidence in your relationships, helping you to deal with your problems in peace and tranquility, and staying away from the stresses and anxieties in life.

Purpose of Speed Reading

One of the reasons why we dislike reading is that we have always been told to read, but no one has ever taught us the best reading method to learn better and remember what we have read for a longer time.

Speed reading does not mean reading fast without understanding, but it means increasing the speed of reading along with a high level of comprehension. Iur n speed reading, as oreading speed increases, our level of comprehension should also go up. It should be noted that reaching this position does not happen at once. While, speed reading skill is achieved step by step and by doing the proper exercises.

Speed reading has many advantages for its users. This method not only prevents waste of time, the most precious possession for every human being, but also increases the vitality and motivation in your life because you will have a better feeling about reading books. So, you will go for learning new concepts every day.

Formula to Calculate Reading Speed

Any progress in life, work, personal improvement, etc. can be assessed by comparing it to the past. We need to know the measuring tool to have a better understanding of the progress we have made. The speed of reading means our speed of seeing the words, comprehending the text and reading it.

The speed of reading can be calculated by dividing the number of words read by the time you have spent reading them (minute). the resulting number would be your reading speed. According to the formula, the unit would be word per minute (wpm).

( the    number    of    words    read )/(duration    of    reading  (minute) )   =   your   reading    speed

For a simple calculation, you just need to do these two steps.

  1. Read a part of a book in one minute.
  2. Count the number of the words you have read.

The number of words will be your reading speed. This way you can easily and quickly assess your reading skills.

Now you can see a complete categorization based on the results you get from calculating reading speed using the formula:

  • If your reading speed is less that 100 wpm, you are very slow.
  • If your reading speed is between 100 and 200 wpm, you are weak and slow.
  • If your reading speed is between 200 and 300 wpm, you are at a moderate level.
  • If your reading speed is between 300 and 400 wpm, you are a good speed reader.
  • If your reading speed is between 400 and 700 wpm, you are at a great level.
  • If your reading speed is more than 700 wpm, congratulations! you are a professional!

3 Important Factors in Reading Speed

Reading speed depends on different factors. Here we mention 3 of the most important ones:

  • The initial speed of each person

At first every person has an initial speed which can be calculated using the explained formula. Naturally, those who have more reading experience would have higher reading speeds. Because reading continuously makes eyes more accustomed to the words and gives them the ability to recognize the words faster. This factor is also related to your education and/or specialization you have in your career.

  • Type of the text

You should keep in mind that simple texts such as story books and novels can be read in short times, while more complicated ones such as academic textbooks require more time. thinking that we should read every text with a high speed is completely wrong. You should never expect this. Of course, speed reading will help you to study your textbooks or any other book that requires learning faster and comprehend it better than before.

  • Practice

Speed reading is a skill that you learn by practicing. In order to learn a new skill, you need to practice. This is an unchangeable rule. The most important principle is doing the exercises precisely and correctly. When you are told to put your finger under the text and move it as you read, you should do it correctly to get the result you want.

Slow Reading Disadvantages

Reading slowly has many drawbacks which are actually more like disasters. The main disadvantages of slow reading are :

  • slow readingWasting time

Someone who is used to reading a text at a slow pace and has no intention of changing this slow reading process, is actually wasting his more invaluable wealth, time. You should not suffer such a great loss just because of your negligence in learning the speed reading skill.

  • Distraction

Slow reading is closely related to distraction and lack of concentration while reading. Let me give you an example to clearly explain this. Someone who drives at a slow speed has time to do other things like eating and drinking or checking his phone, but when the driving speed increases, he has to focus all of his senses on driving. This is exactly like when we read a text slowly. In this case our minds have time to think about other things.

  • Having no interest in reading

It may have happened to you when you buy a book with a lot of passion from a bookshop or book fair, and after reading a few pages, you close it and take some rest. Then, you read some more of that the next day, and leave it in a corner of your house or workplace without finishing it. The main reason for this is the slow speed of reading and the fatigue of your eyes after a short time. however, if you strengthen your eye muscles via speed reading exercises and learn the speed reading techniques, you will see that your passion for reading rises significantly, and you will be motivated to read the entire book.

  • Tiredness

When we read slowly, we naturally have lower levels of energy and mental activity. Thus, both our mind and body get tired. Eyes also get tired because of long pauses on words, and we start feeling drowsy. This, in fact, is very natural. Just like when you are watching a football match, and both teams are playing with a low rhythm, kicking the ball slowly, trying to slow down the pace of the game. Definitely, you would get tired after watching this game for a while, and prefer not to pay attention to the rest of the game, finding something else to do.

  • Low level of comprehension

As the reading speed goes down, the amount of information sent to the brain lowers too. Human mind does not show a positive reaction to this. It assumes that you are not doing something important and will not use all of its capacity for learning and comprehending the text.

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