Let me tell you a short story about my personal experience of reading books.  An experience that may be common for many people in today’s world. Let me introduce you to the speed reading method and remind you that there is no magic and secret behind this! In the past, I wasn’t in the mood to read my favorite books, although I knew that reading them will be very beneficial for me to advance in my profession and personal life, and that I can obtain some useful information from them.  Even the times that I started reading books, my eyes got tired soon and I lost my energy. The only way that I knew was to take them aside because I did not have enough time to study them!


However, I couldn’t give up the joy of reading them and forget them. I always reminded myself this quote from Brian Tracy, the famous preacher and the author of the best-selling book “eat that frog” who said:

  • If you want to be noticed by others!
  • If you want to achieve a great deal in your job!
  • If you want to reach all of your goals!
  • And if you want to be an up-to-date and successful manager!

You need to read at least one book per week related to your field of study or job. If you be interested and have a little perseverance, you can finish a book in just two days.

Finally, after searching about the ways of study and its advanced methods I found out about a new concept. A way to read text by using a special method which helped me to enjoy my books fast and without getting tired. It was from this moment that my life changed a great deal, because I could read my favorite books with full understanding as fast as possible. I am sure such methods are necessary for everybody in order to increase their interest in reading.

Our needs always make us move and prowl and give us the courage to act. Water, food, clothes, shelter etc. are every human being’s preliminary and instinctive needs, and satisfying them would not make us any different from other creatures. They are our intelligence and willpower that give us a special superiority to know what is beyond our initial and involuntary needs and make us take action to satisfy them. Naturally, it was an awareness of humans’ superior needs that helped me to search for methods to increase the efficiency of reading and learn the skill how to increase speed reading. An awareness of accumulating the knowledge that can help me excel in different aspects of life, and to be able to gather this information in the world around me in a shorter time.

To be honest, most people are searching for special and magical ways to solve their problems in life. This mindset has made us overlook the fantastic power of positive and small habits and ordinary daily exercises for development. Although small and continuous habits are underestimated in our lives, they possess such a power that can change our destiny.

All of us tend to resist against new things that we do not know well yet. This is exactly based on our brains’ wonderful function which its most important duty is to preserve our life and keep us in the present situation. Our brains will resist amazingly against whatever wants to disrupt this stability.

Speed reading is one of the methods that engages our cautious and preservative brains, and takes us to outside of the comfort zone we have made for ourselves. Now in order to know speed reading we should answer some questions.

The first step in reading every text is seeing the words. But while reading how many words in the page can you see?

Nowadays with new exercises in the expansion of field of view and enhancement of eyes’ inherent power, a huge evolution in the speed of reading has occurred. By learning the skill of speed reading, you’ll be able to read a text fast and understand it completely.

If you consider reading books a right decision and a good habit, we can help you to learn how to increase your reading speed in a very short time. By learning this skill, you are always one step ahead of others and can be proud of yourself. In the future, only those who have prepared themselves for the upcoming situation can stay in the competition.

Learning the skill of speed reading is a valuable opportunity that one should make the most of it. This powerful speed-reading software helps you in this way with a practical and step-by-step approach.

What exactly can you obtain by investing on speed reading app?

  • Increase your reading speed to more than 3 times
  • A step-by-step and practical plan in 12 days
  • Having access to special exercises for expanding your field of view and enhancing your eyesight
  • Measuring your reading speed
  • Watching your progress chart and having a comprehensive understanding of your own skills

I want to know what people is this software useful for?

All people who can read and can use this software’s instructions. People who purchase this software probably have at least one of these characteristics:

  • They always seek new opportunities for personal development.
  • They want to make a quick change in their reading approach.
  • The have so many books that they want to read but do not have enough time.
  • They like to make a positive change into their lives by learning a new skill.
  • They want to learn speed-reading skill to reach their goals faster.


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