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Free online speed reading course 2019

In this series of educational articles, we plan to provide you with a comprehensive and of course free online speed reading course which give you all the information you need to learn the speed reading skill and the related effective exercises. The goal of this course is increasing your reading speed along with a high level of comprehension. Thus, making you a professional speed reader.

The tutorials in these articles are learning tools which help you develop your knowledge and skills in speed reading gradually by studying, practicing and in a nutshell, having a regular schedule for yourself. So, come along with us.

What is the aim of for offering this course ?

The main goals of this website for offering the comprehensive and free online speed reading course are as follows:

  • Promoting a model for increasing the per capita book reading, and making individuals interested in acquiring knowledge and awareness by using the available tutorials for the correct ways of reading.
  • Defining the concept of speed reading in a simple and understandable way in a comprehensive and coherent course. With a little search in the web and/or book stores, you will notice that there are many articles and books about the speed reading skill. However, most of them are written with an academic tone and their content is not concentrated.
  • Creating a space for learning and acquiring invaluable information that helps individuals become familiar with their own abilities and be more confident in doing their life affairs.

Who do we recommend to study these articles ?

We strongly recommend everyone in every occupation and position to learn the speed reading skill.

In other words, we believe that even people who solely read the entertainment contents or the articles on social media should devote some time for learning the speed reading skill, because the positive influences of being familiar with this skill affect all aspects of your life.

We insist, in particular, all those who want to learn continuously and read all of their favorite books, put studying and reviewing this course as their main priority.

What is the prerequisite for studying this course ?

There is no particular prerequisite for learning the speed reading skill. It is actually a very good starting point for changing your reading method. Therefore, you can start studying this series of articles right now :