Speed reading software can significantly help increase your reading speed, recall, and comprehension. It is speculated that this type of software can help an individual read and comprehend 1000 to 2000 words per minute as opposed to the normal 200 – 400 words per minute reading speed of the average reader.

These programs are designed to help increase your reading speed and comprehension, train your eyes or eliminate sub-vocalization. Guided training plans will also enable you to apply various learning strategies and to monitor your progress.

Speed reading also helps you save your time. No wonder, Just doubling the reading speed can give you a few spare hours every day. Looking into this huge demand for Speed-reading, a number of software and apps are now available.

9 Best Speed Reading Software 2019

But, which one is suitable? In this post, We will review 10 of the best speed reading software currently on the market. We tried to cover the most feature rich programs as well as those one matching a lower budget.

Best Free Speed Reading Apps Android

#1- 7 Speed Reading Software

7-Speed-Reading-softwareEach person is a bit different when it comes to learning styles. Hence, 7 Speed Reading offers seven varying learning strategies to become a faster reader. It teaches practical skills in a fun, interactive way and comes with video lessons from six of the world’s best speed reading experts.

This highly popular software offers users a wide variety of exercises and testing programs that are specifically tailored to boost your reading prowess. Regardless of how old the user is, 7 Speed Reading can significantly boost his/her reading skills.

The software is easy to use and even entertaining. Users will enjoy themselves while they learn a new, essential skill.

A great bonus is a library of 20,477 free eBooks and the ability to paste any text from the internet and to use them for exercises as well as tests. Other features include personal goal settings, posture training or modules to eliminate sub-vocalization and regression as well as learning to read word groups.

The software can used by multiple users. In other words, educational institutions can use 7 Speed Reading as a teaching software for students of all levels.


  • Comprehensive, feature-rich system
  • Expert video tutorials
  • Fun Games and Exercises
  • Offers step-by-step training guide.
  • Progress tracking, visual monitoring
  • 20477 eBooks are included
  • Import and use any material
  • Syncs across all devices you are using
  • 5 user accounts, unlimited installs
  • For Mac, Windows, Chrome, Linux
  • One of the most expensive reading comprehension software in the market.
  • Graphics in the training lessons feel dated
  • Access expires after 10 years
  • Availability of mobile apps could have been an add-on.
  • Internet connection is a must for login to the software

Availability: All browsers. Desktops /Laptops /Tablets.
Pricing: $79.95. Visit product website to see all features.


#2- Spreeder 2019-Cx Edition

Spreeder makes reading more easy-going. By removing by habits like subvocalization and regression, it expedites your reading speed. It can accelerate your reading speed by three or four times faster than your normal speed.

With Spreeder you can speed read anything that comes in a digital format such as web pages, eBooks, text files, or PDFs. It is available as software for any computer operating system and as an app for iPad and iPhone.

Some of its features include, a cloud library, numerous e-book formats compatibility, access to press websites, social profiles, tracking, multi-users, and more. Probably what sets this software apart from other speed reading software in this list is its social profile feature. Users can create social profiles to track their own as well as their friend’s reading improvement progress.

How does it work? Spreeder uses RSVP technology to highlight and display text based on your settings for words per minute, words per group, style and reading mode. It’s optimized for eReading electronic files effectively. You will furthermore see stats for your reading speed, reading focus and time.

Will it teach reading strategies? There is some guided training to reduce bad reading habits, regression and sub-vocalization or to improve eye fixation. However, Spreeder is software to fasten your reading with the help of technology and if you want expert training first the 7-Speed-Reading software or Iris Reading are probably better options for now.


This app has training guides and reading drills that teach you reading techniques. The app also gives you an access to an iCloud library of 20000+ ebooks and a progress tracking chart.

The various benefits can be listed as below:

  • Professional guided training and warm-up drills
  • Access to a huge library on the iCloud of more than 20,000 ebooks
  • Teaches you how to read faster, improves your memory and reduces sub-vocalization
  • It uses RSVP technology to read entire books on any of your mobile devices
  • A single license helps you access in all your devices
  • All the data can be accessed over your mobile device or web browser
  • An advanced progress tracker which motivates you and helps you set goals
  • Helps create 5 user accounts for friends and family
  • You can also upload your own material and later sync it with your iPad/iPhone
  • Set smart goals with advanced progress tracking
  • Access all your data on tablet, smartphone, desktop or web

If you are someone who has bad reading habits such as subvocalization, single word fixation or losing the reading place, then Spreeder is the best choice to improve reading speed and comprehension skills dramatically.

Availability: All browsers, laptops/desktops, iOS.
Pricing: $37. Visit product website to see all features.


#3- The Iris Reading Program

Iris speed reading softwareOne of the best resources to learn speed reading is the Iris Reading (view website). Their strengths are the popularity with thousands of students, effectiveness, and global recognition by respected institutions such as the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur.com, Chicago Public Schools and even the NASA. Another main goal of this program is to further increase your pace and comprehension. It is meant for advanced readers, professionals, students and organizations.

Iris Reading has been engaged in popularizing Speed-reading to institutions and individuals. It has a number of products and versions for Speed-reading, Comprehension and Memory Enhancement. This software course is based on time-tested, proven and well-researched technology.  Therefore, you can be assured of its efficacy and excellence in improving your reading speed. Like other reading software, it also features drills and exercises. Moreover, You can track your progress and the output can be seen as graphs and analytics. The Iris Reading software also helps you break the two major bad habits – Sub-vocalization and Re-Reading or Regression.


  • Best suited for high school/ college students.
  • Offers in-person and online classes.
  • Fulfills different learning goals such as increase reading speed, improve memory & ability to retain a large amount of information.
  • Well-produced videos
  • Trains to skip rereading
  • Speed Reading Drills, Exercises, and Strategies
  • ACT/SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT tests strategies
  • Memory Tricks and fun Games
  • Free ebooks and for self-development.
  • Webinars, Training, and access to workshops and live classes


  • Slow Internet can pose issues in buffering videos.
  • Few exercises and activities
  • Slightly expensive without Coupon Codes
  • Some topics seem repetitive in all the versions of Iris online courses
  • Pay for a specific skill separately

Pricing: from $75 per module or $199 in-person. Visit product website to see all features.


#4- AceReader

ace-reader-softwareAceReader has plans for schools, families and individuals. It’s similar to 7-Speed-Reading and suitable for teachers, students, children and the family. Also, it offers educational pricing, and its dashboard lets teachers monitor their students’ progress and the material they read for practice. As such, it’s a good option for teachers who want to include speed reading in their curriculum.

AceReader is one of the leading solutions in the category of Best Speed Reading Software to improve reading speed of users. This reading comprehension software is very sophisticated yet fun, and very simple to use. Loaded with a large amount of educational content and more than 1,000 themed reading speed tests.

The main goal of AceReader is to minimize sub-vocalization, eliminate regression, learning to read groups of words, to reduce eye fixation times and increase re-fixation speeds. To achieve this, this speed reading software is packed with exercises, drills, complimentary themed material and 625 eBooks with built-in option to load own ones, PDFs or word documents.

AceReader is a much awarded and a popular Speed-reading software. It has been developed by StepWare Inc. and comes in several versions :

Educational edition – Education features administrative functions and was developed for schools, businesses and organizations alike. It helps organize, track and guide students to improve their reading and to use the speed reading software effectively.

Personal edition – Based on the educational module and designed for the needs of individual learners, Personal is a one-year subscription based program to become an efficient reader. You can access the software via a web browser, hence it is compatible with all systems and accessible on mobile devices as well.

Family edition – If you need more than one account the family edition will add up to 8 users to an annual subscription plan. This is suitable for families or groups of friends/colleagues who wish to learn together.

Classic – Classic is offline software and allows users to set up unlimited user accounts. Families can log into 3 different computers and can have their individual training scores recorded which will be completely separate from other users in the family. There are drills, tests, lessons, basic games and tracking available.


  • Student/Self Progress Monitoring
  • User friendly interface
  • Step-by-step learning
  • Leveled and themed activities
  • Great customer support
  • More than 200 speed reading exercises.
  • Well-structured interface.
  • Built in 625 eBooks.
  • Includes a plethora of fun brain games, which makes it the best choice for kids and adults alike.


  • Premium version is too expensive.
  • Extra add-ons have to be purchased.
  • No live chat support feature
  • Software looks out of date
  • Few eBooks included with the software
  • Cloud versions are subscription based
  • Offline version is rather outdated
  • Cloud editions require internet access

Availability: Desktop and Tablets. Mac, Windows, All browsers.
Pricing: Classic $69.95. Personal $39.95/year. Family from $59.95/year.


#5- eyeQ Speed Reading Software

eyeq speed readingThe eyeQ Reading software might be a great option for students, professionals and children alike. Infinite Mind claim that kids will get better at reading with a daily investment of just 7 minutes which makes it an interesting solution for homeschooling. As the software is cloud based you will however need an active internet connection to access all exercises and tools.

EyeQ is brain enrichment speed reading software. Developed by Infinite Mind it is designed to enhance your memory concentration, visual insight and literacy skills. It has a set of enjoyable exercises which will aid you in reading faster.

When it comes to eyes training and improving focus points during reading, eyeQ is one of the best speed reading software to choose. The software is simply a bundle of mental comprehension & retention exercises and the courses are specifically designed to assist students with test preparations. It’s available for free trial (for a month) allowing users to test if it has improved the speed reading or not.


You have to get a subscription, and it can only be used online. After signing up you will get access to the program’s features, training and exercises including:

  • Strengthen the eye muscles
  • Reduce Sub-vocalization
  • Increase Concentration
  • Widening your vision

Apart from the lessons you can also test your pace anytime you like. Enjoy access to 200 classic literature novels and biographies, wheras the material is appropriate for all levels. EyeQ speed reading software offers different versions for educational and professional use.


  • Offers additional courses for test prep
  • Allows you to monitor progress.
  • Integrated with lots of games and brain drill exercises.
  • Ideal tool for college students.
  • Training techniques are proven
  • Guided lessons are very easy to use.
  • Highly accessible
  • For intermediate and professional users


  • Missing some eBook and exercise activities
  • Can be improvised in terms of eBooks and exercise activities.
  • Less features compared software.
  • No import of reading materials.
  • Program is availbale online only.

Pricing: Subscription based program at $12 per month or $99 per year


#6- The Reader’s Edge

the readers edgeThe main objective of the Reader’s Edge speed reading software is to enhance the user’s reading, comprehension, retention and recalling skills. It  is a very comprehensive and user-friendly speed reading software. It aims to help users to double or triple their reading speeds.

The Reader’s Edge software is created by The Literacy Company. This company is one of the leading creators of reading improvement software. The Reader’s Edge not only focus on helping individuals read faster and more efficiently, but they also help users comprehend more and get the most out of a reading experience. Using this software will give you an edge in your career or school life.

Users have the option to either download this software on your Windows computer or use it online. It is advised to get the downloadable version as you will be able to access the software even if you do not have an internet connection.

Furthermore, there are two versions of the Reader’s Edge: basic and professional. The professional version has far more features than the basic one, but it will cost you almost twice as much. The basic version is $79.95 USD, while the professional edition will set you back $149.95 USD.


  • You can have an unlimited number of user accounts
  • The software automatically gives you speed and comprehension tests
  • The software includes 17,000 eBooks
  • Extensive collection of eBooks and training modules.
  • Clean and well-balanced interface.
  • Designed for all groups.
  • 200+ reading and comprehension tests.
  • Different for every category
  • Home, school, professional and library versions
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fun to use
  • Good price value


  • The software looks outdated and the website is hard to navigate
  • The software doesn’t include comprehension exercises
  • This software only has a one-year license
  • Limited user accounts are entertained.
  • Little heavy software.
  • Complicated interface at first
  • Takes time to get used to

Availability: Mac/Windows
Pricing: $79.95.


#7- RocketReader Speed Reading Software

RocketReader SoftwareRocketReader speed reading software offers an innovative reading method. It displays a collection of features and patterns which makes it appealing to younger users. You can sign up for a free trial to see if it works for you.

The software focuses on reading comprehension for the starters. For the adults, the main purpose is both to read speedily and comprehensive fully. Before you start, you will be asked to run a test. The test itself is also available at their website without the need to sign up. It can be accessed either online or offline. At the core, the program uses scientifically proven training techniques to eliminate bad reading habits and improve peripheral eye vision.

The program offers numerous graded reading texts as well as tests to assess pace and retention. Activities include flash-training, grouping exercises, memory training and drills. It is possible to use own material, PDFs or word documents.

The software is equipped with advanced learning techniques to help you avoid bad reading habits such as slaving, subvocalization and skip back. It allows you to easily import any article from the web in just a single-click. Though it doesn’t come with pre-loaded eBooks, but it has a large database of reading pieces to practice faster reading skills.

With the number of tests and exercises present in the software, it surely is a great buy. It has many tools the user can use to improve their reading speed or comprehension ability and expand vocabulary.

RocketReader caters to all ages with the different categories it presents.
Many find it easy to navigate and get easily familiar with the functions. However, the design is a bit too colorful and the designs divert our attention. Adults may be turned-off by it consequentially.


  • Excellent user experience.
  • Can be accessed by multiple users.
  • Well-structured library.


  • Doesn’t come with eBooks.
  • Expensive reading comprehension software.
  • No games or brain drill exercises.
  • Lacks reading speed tests.

Availability: Windows

  • Lifetime $333
  • Yearly at $259
  • Six monthly at $199
  • Three monthly at $139
  • Ten Day Trial $10


#8- REV IT UP Reading

revitup-readingIt all takes just five-hours to increase reading speed and comprehension skills with Rev It Up Reading tool. The software is an ideal tool for people who wish for a package, compounded with tutorials, improvement tracking features and personal support & guidance from a teacher. It consists 9 modules which assist students to read faster on paper and digital devices. It also provides a free PDF book that consists of the same principles as the course. It’s a good resource for users to keep their reading & comprehension skills polished.

Rev It Up Reading – Online Course Review

A good course can make a lot of difference in your reading speed and what more a person can get, if that course can be completed in 5 Hours of your time, Here we are reviewing the Rev It Up Reading Course created by leading Reading Expert Abby Marks Beale.

This is an online course, both for the desktop and tablet and is aimed to advance the current reading skills of a person.

The course has 9 modules, with assessment tests, exercises, tips and techniques, strategies and comprehensive training material for improving reading skills and comprehension of the customer. Every module from 1-9 covers a specific topic and are outlined below:

  • Module 1 – Getting Started/Intro To Speed Reading
  • Module 2 – Train Your Eyes and Brain to Eliminate Regression
  • Module 3 – Reducing The Subvocalization
  • Module 4 – Expanding Your Peripheral Vision.
  • Module 5 –  Mastering Comprehension
  • Module 6 – Using your Reading Stick-Shift
  • Module 7 – Organizing Your Reading
  • Module 8 – Finding Information Quickly/ Non-Fiction Reading
  • Module 9 – Keeping Your Keepers


  • Easy and intuitive for the student to use.
  • Personal support from teachers.
  • Progress tracking feature.
  • The only tool that combines both online & offline learning benefits.


  • No reading speed tests.
  • Only one-day free trial available.
  • The course is quite expensive as compared to other speed reading software.

Availability: All browsers. Desktops /Laptops /Tablets.
Pricing: Free/1Day Access, $49/7Day Access, $149/90Day Access, $299/365Day Access


#9- Speed Reader-X Software

speed-reader-xSpeed Reader-X is the cheapest software we tested, and it includes lessons, activities and tests to help you increase your reading speed. You pay for a yearly subscription and can add an unlimited number of users to one account, making it great for families.

Speed Reader-X software helps the people improve their reading speed and to save their budget. Its primary target is to increase the person’s speed but not the comprehension skills.

Speed Reader-X starts by having you take a test to determine your baseline speed. As you complete the program’s exercises and learn from its instruction, you take more speed tests to see your progress. This software includes eye-training exercises and exercises that widen your field of vision so you can read faster. Speed Reader-X’s premium version comes preloaded with 17,000 eBooks – the second largest library of the programs we tested. When you practice, you can change the speed at which words flash on the screen as well as adjust the font and text size to make the words easier to read. This software looks outdated and isn’t particularly easy to use. Nonetheless, if you want to start speed reading without investing much in a program, Speed Reader-X is the best choice.


  • You can have an unlimited number of user accounts
  • The software automatically gives you speed and comprehension tests
  • The software includes 17,000 eBooks


  • The software looks outdated and the website is hard to navigate
  • The software doesn’t include comprehension exercises
  • This software only has a one-year license

Many programs advertise realistic goals for improving reading speed along with comprehension, but Speed Reader-X suggests it can help you reach impossibly high speeds. Independent research suggests that an average speed reading score should land somewhere between 400 and 600 words per minute. Any faster and you trade comprehension for speed. Additionally, we weren’t overly impressed with Speed Reader-X’s outdated tools. During our testing, we found programs with larger libraries and better graphics that are easier to use and have more reporting features.

Availability: All browsers. Desktops /Laptops /Tablets.
Pricing: $49.95


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