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Speed Reading App: Learn How to Read Faster

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With Speed Reading App, you can experience noticeable increase in your reading speed. Its features can help you to strengthen your attention and concentration, memorize numbers and words quickly, and increase the speed of your reading.

Speed Reading
Individual Exercises
Speed Reading Test
Daily Test
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Speed Reading

The first step in reading is seeing the words. But how many words you can see while reading a text? This number can be improved significantly just with simple exercises of novel approaches in speed reading. So, it helps you read a book faster with more concentration.

Individual Exercises

Just like the muscles, our brain needs daily exercises to become stronger. This can be achieved by doing some simple tasks that have been designed especially for each person. These exercises will increase your speed reading abilities a great deal. We strictly suggest you to spend some time on it and practice this section every day.

Speed Reading Test

The speed of reading can be calculated by dividing the number of words read per time in minute. Therefore, the unit will be words per minute (wpm). In speed reading test section only by reading the text and stopping the timer you can easily measure your reading speed. At first a short text will be shown and a timer starts counting. After reading the whole text and stopping the timer, the result and your speed of reading will be shown to you in wpm.

how to read faster
Daily Test

The main section of speed reading app is daily test. Having a regular and precise plan for only 12 days! Each day you should finish one test. Each test is containing three steps. First you start to read the text and measure your reading speed. Then in second step you should practice some exercises to learn a new skill. In the third step you measure your reading speed once again and you keep doing this each day for the rest of period.
At last reminding simple instruction. In order to learn a new skill, you should practice. This is an unchangeable rule.

Speed Reading Blog

Damn! Didn't believe in the beginning! But slowly slowly day by day,i just had to bear and keep patience and suddenly after a few times of usage with !Bang! It really improved my speed eyes started to slide over text better and catch words at 700!

Love it!

Love the app. Doesn't take too long to do the exercises and after only a couple of days, I see a difference in my reading capabilities.

Love the app

Great app! Mental sharpness takes dedicated practice and diligence. All the tools are here. Thanks!

Great app!

Amazing. I've only been doing it for 5 days and my reading speed has already improved a bit. I also feel like my ability to concentrate in daily life if just better already.


I think this app will improve my reading skills.I can use this especially on my incoming college entrance exam test because they'll be giving us limited time to answer the questions and being quick in reading is what I really need to answer and scan all the questions.


Happy that I installed this app.This app not only improves your reading spead but helps in increasing focus and concentration.

Happy that